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New horizons at ATDI UK

New horizons at ATDI UK

New horizons at ATDI UK

The international cohesion of the ATDI group is being strengthened through the appointment of global vice president Gilles Missud as UK managing director.

Frenchman Gilles has been with ATDI for 21 years, originally specialising in the company’s cartography services, Gilles most recent contribution has been unifying the group and HR. In his new role, he will oversee ATDI UK’s expansion with new staff as well as providing a consistency of approach in the company’s existing business.

“When people deal with one ATDI office,” Gilles comments, “it’s easy to forget that there is a whole global structure backing up every engineer. With over 26 years in business and offices on every continent except Antarctica, ATDI’s pool of knowledge is as broad as it is deep. My experience across the worldwide group will help the flow of expertise into and out of the UK and will assist ATDI globally to work as a cohesive group, focussing attention and resources where they are most needed.”

Gilles will appoint new sales and engineering staff in the UK this year to better serve existing customers and expand ATDI UK’s relationships into new areas. “In addition to new people, there will be growth in the sense of new software products and an innovative approach to licensing. It’s all coming soon.”

One of Gilles’ major contributions to ATDI to date has been in relation to cartography. Gilles created all ATDI’s cartographic solutions and has spent much of his career showing end users how to get the most from ATDI’s mapping resources.

“I have enjoyed that work very much,” he notes, “and demonstrating ATDI’s solutions to a variety of customers has brought me into direct contact with regulators and companies of all sizes. I look forward to extending those relationships in my new role.”

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