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Managing spectrum in the middle of the ocean

Managing spectrum in the middle of the ocean

Managing spectrum in the middle of the ocean

From the vastness of Brazil to isolated island communities, ATDI software is helping spectrum regulators do their job.

The latest nation to extend its relationship with ATDI is the Faroe Islands. While the country’s population is tiny – less than 50,000 – the nature of increasing demands being made on spectrum are the same as in other developed nations. To manage public, commercial and governmental requirements, the regulator, Fjarskiftiseftirlitið, has bought ATDI’s ICS RF allocations and ICS telecom.

“The fundamental problems for a regulator are the same whether it’s Anatel in Brazil or Fjarskiftiseftirlitið in the Faroes,” says ATDI operations director Paul Grant. “Fjarskiftiseftirlitið is having to manage increasing demand on spectrum, so being able to identify white space within existing licensed spectrum bands is key. Checking for interference caused by intermodulation effects and being able to predict accurate radio coverage for broadcast systems, such as FM radio, are also important.”

The one issue that is less of a problem is cross-border coordination as the Faroes are around 200 miles from the next nearest land mass, Scotland.

“In taking ATDI software, the regulator is largely future-proofing itself,” Paul notes. “ATDI tools cover all relevant and foreseeable technology as well as handling all spectrum management needs.

“ATDI is very proud of working closely with regulators across the world over the last three decades and is excited about the new challenges emerging in The Faroes.”

Fjarskiftiseftirlitið is responsible for the management of radio spectrum, part of the Faroe Island governmental authority Vinnustovnurin, which covers the telecommunications, insurance, post, competition, company registrations, immigration and consumer affairs.

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