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Network planning and modelling tools require data defining terrain,  buildings and vegetation to enable the construction of radio path profiles and  analysis of wanted and unwanted signals. Projects need data covering towns  and cities, roads, railway lines, postcode sectors so that performance can be  mapped to requirement.

ATDI can supply all types of map data for every  country in the world.

Map data types

DEM: a three-dimensional digital elevation (or terrain only) model defining the environment. SRTM is a good example of terrain data

Clutter data: specifying ground usage as buildings and vegetation in the environment

Buildings model: specifying the actual buildings and tree heights across the terrain

Raster images: variety of scales to link planning to reality

Vector data: defining railway lines, roads, points of interest, fibre, cable or any non-radio artefacts

Subscriber definitions: population, businesses, dwellings and other points or clusters describing centres of service demand

Data are defined primarily by scale (one datum point per linear distance on the ground) and extent (town, county, territory or region).


We constantly strive to deliver value for money by adding new and improved features to our software tools. All software licences with a valid maintenance contract have automatic access to a host of cartographic support services including:

ICS map server
ICS map server is a comprehensive map data toolkit for the production and manipulation of cartographic data from diverse sources including satellite images, aerial photographs and paper maps. Data produced are compatible with the ICS suite of tools.

Worldwide Builder
ICS map server works in coordination with the worldwide builder service. This features an online portal which enables users to define and create map data from a global repository of free-source mapping.

Users can access elevation models, clutter models and images in resolutions 20m and up. This map data is sourced from publicly available sources such as SRTM and Aster II and therefore does not attract royalties.

ICS online
ICS online, a cloud application, enables users to upload outputs from the ICS suite of tools and share them with other users or across departments and with the end customer.

Bing maps licence:
This licence enables the user to overlay results from ICS suite of software tools. This organisation-wide licence enables users to access Bing maps from directly within the software.

Export to Google Earth:
As this feature suggests outputs from the ICS suite of software tools can be exported and overlaid on Google Earth maps.

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