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serving the radiocommunications industry

ATDI works wherever the radio industry works.

Every sector of the business and every continent of the world is within ATDI’s experience.

ATDI operates globally and implements solutions locally.




ATDI provides software and expertise to:

–  Governments and regulators; who regulate the airwaves.

–  Network operators; ATDI works with multinational mobile network operators and with regional broadcasters and with all     types of commercial operations in between.

–  Aviation; ATDI has extensive experience across all aspects of aviation’s communications needs, from advising airports to ensuring aircraft and controllers can talk to each other, to supporting operators operate vital radar systems.

–  Transport; supporting the delivery of  on-board WiFi to enabling ships at sea to communicate with each other and with shore.

–  Emergency Services; ATDI has been entrusted to ensure essential radio systems work no matter what the terrain or the remoteness of the emergency.

–  Armed Forces; ATDI ensures military networks work, anywhere any place.

–  Broadcasters; ATDI ensures viewers can view and listeners can listen.

If it’s radio and communication, it’s ATDI’s market.


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