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Radio and radar keep air passengers safe and ATDI helps ensure both work effectively.

ATDI is trusted by air traffic controllers, airlines and airports when communication is crucial.

The company has 25 years of worldwide experience in working with the aviation industry.


Radio communication is beyond essential to aviation; it is integral in the process.

Without radio, aircraft can’t communicate, nor can they receive essential positioning and weather information.

Radio systems are integral in modern aviation and there is no scope for them being compromised. Radar must not suffer interference when a train broadcasting Wi-Fi to its passengers pulls up in the centre of an airport complex, nor must ground-to-air communication be impeded by any potential problem, be it a wind farm or local broadcast station. In addition, every system operating within the airport’s boundaries – including those on aircraft from dozens of different countries – must have zero impact on each and every network.

ATDI has been trusted with the planning, modelling and implementation of such systems in a number of countries.


Key products: Radio planning, Spectrum management

Key services: Consultancy, Spectrum engineering

Associated articles: Wind farms, Broadband on trains, Air traffic control

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