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Webinar: Modelling reflections

Webinar: Modelling reflections

Webinar: Modelling reflections

Modelling radio networks to identify, reduce and mitigate the effects of harmful interference is key to radio planners. As part the ATDI Webinar programme our next webinar will cover modelling reflections and its’ impact on networks.

This event will cover how the radio engineer can utilise the ICS suite of software tools to model reflections and assess the potential impact this may have on a network design and/or network operation.

The webinar is targeted at all planners whose networks might succumb to interference from reflections either from time of arrival differences or lack of dominance between direct and reflected signal levels. The presentation will consider what needs to be modelled and how. A demo will include how to coordinate the functionality within ICS telecom and includes:

  • Reflections: good or bad?
  • Different types of reflections and how to model them
  • Identifying data required to model them
  • Reflection coefficients: what are they and how to set them up?
  • Constructive/destructive reflections

Date: Thursday 15 October 2015
Time: 10am GMT
Venue: Online
Target audience: Customer only

Places are limited. Register now with sarah.sasson@atdi.co.uk

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