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ATDI’s consulting detective

ATDI’s consulting detective

ATDI’s consulting detective

There’s nothing a sleuth loves more than a good problem to solve.

Working out how to reach a conclusion from a set of elementary facts is the stuff of literature, and the adventure stories the world loves. It’s also daily life for ATDI technical director Nick Kirkman.

Nick’s consultancy in spectrum planning and organisation is in great demand by a swathe of organisations across the military and commercial sectors. He’s the man they call in when a system needs to work and nobody else can figure out how to do it.

“I love a problem,” Nick says. “The fun is always in sorting out how to find a solution. I’m not ambitious and nobody’s ever accused me of being egotistical. For me, it’s all about finding out how to make systems work. That’s always where the pleasure is.”

Nick joined ATDI in 2000 from Cable & Wireless where he was senior engineer, radio & line transmission. Since then, his working life has encompassed spectrum planning and organisation, frequency coordination, signal coexistence, requirements between services, identifying possible fallow spectrum and anything else that comes up. “It’s difficult to get bored,” Nick notes. “One moment I’m talking about military radar and the next about a DAB network.

“It’s a lot to do with flexibility, and that’s why I’m with a company like ATDI. I can access any amount of expertise just by walking across the office but we’re small enough that we can always be flexible. I’d hate to be in a company bound by a huge list of corporate rules and regulations. That definitely wouldn’t help me to find solutions for customers.”

Nick, who designed his first radio link in 1989, is the co-author of Mobile Network Design in the VHF and UHF Bands: a practical approach published by Wiley. 

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