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Old uses for modern words:

Old uses for modern words:

Apple Mac – a waterproof covering to keep your fruit dry

Podcast – shelled peas

Internet – where Yorkshire fishermen keep their catch

Digital switchover – manually changing the channel on the telly

Digital dividend – being paid to manually change the channel

USB – “bus” written while drunk

Hard drive – a long time in traffic

Java – just a place in Indonesia

Cloud storage provider  –  the sky

Netbook – where trawlermen browse for new equipment

Fibre optic – all the brown rice you can see

External storage – a shed

MP3 – not the first two members of parliament

iPad – “paid” written while drunk

Downloads – not very happy for much of the time

27-inch monitor – a very small prefect

 Can you think of any more?

ATDI is keen to add to this list. Send all suggestions to sarah.sasson@atdi.co.uk




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