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Old uses for modern words – Phase2

Old uses for modern words – Phase2

Upgrade – going to big school for the first time
Pixel – one of Bob Geldof’s daughters
Byte – what dogs do!
KB – a poor counterfeit of a peanut brand
MB – nearly an honour from the queen
GB – where we live
TB – people don’t get this any more
PB – what athletes aim for
External drive – what’s outside your front door
Internal drive – failing to stop at the end of the external drive
Anti-virus – wearing a scarf on a cold day
Laptop – the only way to eat an ice cream cone
Hewlett Packard – estate agents
Advent – comes with a calendar
Samsung – Dave listened
External speakers – people giving an address at an outdoor meeting
All-in-one PC – a one-man police force

Can you think of any more?

ATDI is keen to add to this list. Send all suggestions to sarah.sasson@atdi.co.uk

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