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Securing Africa

Securing Africa

Securing Africa

The security and the development of Africa was the focus of ATDI’s attendance at a homeland security and economic expansion exhibition in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

ShieldAfrica is a biennial event discussing the security of cities and rural areas, the fight against cross-border terrorism, and how to maximise the potential of the continent as urban centres and economies grow.

ATDI presented its planning and modelling tools ICS telecom and HTZ warfare and discussed with delegates the tools’ applications for both civil and military operations.

Spectrum usage across Africa is growing exponentially as an expanding middle class uses phones for everything from text messages to mobile banking and Internet access.

“The upshot of this is that the spectrum regulators across Africa are starting to take more interest in the resources they hold and how to make money from them,” ATDI vice president Gilles Missud comments. “It used to be that spectrum usage was so low that who got what frequency was done on a handshake. But, with this growth in traffic, regulators now are looking at proper audits of who is using what in their country and how to send them a bill for it.”

He adds: “The security, stability and development of Africa is important to ATDI, and we will continue to work with authorities there to help them use their spectrum resources to maximum benefit.”