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Modelling prevents a question from becoming a problem. It could be whether a proposed new service can be slotted into a spectrum space without causing interference and modelling any interference affects before anybody has suffered any consequences.

ATDI recommends modelling to enable the end user to understand the problem space, the requirements of the project, effort levels required and the challenges and risks to be aware of for other bands.


Modelling is an activity that fits within the family of methodologies often referred to as the scientific method of enquiry. This method requires the statement of a research question. Evidence is then gathered and a conclusion is reached. Alternatively, the evidence may permit a hypothesis to be put forward for further investigation.

So how does modelling help? Consider a question on spectrum coexistence: to what extent can application-specific, licence-exempt devices satisfactorily share with licensed WiMAX networks in the urban environment? This can be answered by outlining the representative networks in a modelling tool, developing scenarios for the operation of the various devices and determining the degree of interference between the devices and networks. From this an answer to the research question can be reasoned.

Consider another question: how many sites are needed for national coverage given two different spectrum block sizes and two different network deployment strategies? This can be answered by auto-planning a series of networks. Curves are drawn for coverage versus site count for a variety of traffic loading. This is repeated for different block sizes, resulting in a series of curves. From this, the number of sites needed for coverage can be determined.

Modelling is a powerful way of revealing evidence to support, or refute, research questions. Tell us your question and we’ll give you the answer.

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