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Show us your crystal balls

Show us your crystal balls

If I could see into the future, I’d do the lottery more often. If the journalists on Forbes magazine could see into the future, they’d make enough money so they could stop being journalists on Forbes magazine. Nonetheless, here’s the highlights of what they are predicting for 2012.

– The global telecom market will grow at 4%
– High-growth markets for telecom will include Latin America, India and Africa
– Mobile subscriptions will pass 6 billion by February
– India will overtake China to become the world’s largest mobile market in terms of subscriptions
– WiMax will see the beginning of its end in Asia where the preference will be for rival 4G technology LTE
– Broadband penetration of the world’s population will pass 10% mark
– Network operators’ growth will increasingly depend on their cloud computing strategy
– The number of PCs worldwide will pass 2 billion
– The mobile handset market will pass £120 billion

OK, Forbes, if you say so. My predictions for the year are:

– If there are 2 billion PCs worldwide, only 14 will not crash just at the moment when you most need them to work properly
– At the Olympics, some people you have never heard of will win gold medals in sports you didn’t know existed. If they’re British, they will be knighted, their sport will be described as the fastest-growing in the country and gain eight new players then disappear again before Christmas.
– Jeremy Clarkson will be on telly. Some viewers won’t like this but will watch anyway.
– People will continue to remark, in diamond jubilee year, on how amazing the Queen is for her age. The Queen will be gratified by this. Prince Charles will have an alternative response.
– Cloud storage providers will start storing real clouds in case of drought.
– James Murdoch’s phone will be hacked by a consortium of disgruntled celebrities who will then discover that he’s actually the lovechild of John Major and Edwina Currie.
– Bloggers will continue to make things up.

Jeff Clark-Meads
PR advisor and Author

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