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So help me

So help me

Why are those numbers on which we can contact big companies called helplines?

See if this one sounds familiar. You call a corporation’s “support” people with your query and have a profitable chat with a cheery young man. He says he will call you back. Obviously, he doesn’t. The only contact you get over the next two days is a spam email offering you yet more of the company’s services. So, after waiting long enough for you to get to the point when you would happily strangle the chief executive with his own entrails, you ring back expecting them to pick up where you left off – but, of course, they’ve never heard of you and that ticket number you were given last time doesn’t match anything on the system.

It’s akin to when you ring up the utility company to tell them you’ve moved house and get treated with incredulity and confusion like you’re the first person in the company’s entire history to have changed address.

So here’s the joy of dealing with a small company like ATDI. If you call and the engineer you need is in the office, he’ll help you there and then. And if he isn’t – and he isn’t out in the field helping other folk – you get put through to his home. How’s that for personal?

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