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Social Responsibility

ATDI has always engaged with people – people as customers, people as staff and those less fortunate.

ATDI has made a long-standing commitment to rough sleepers. As an industry that looks to the skies, it seems appropriate to be conscious of what is at our feet.

Their commitment to people also extends to everybody else in that we are all affected by the quality of the environment and ATDI works to minimise its impact on the physical world.


ATDI makes contributions both individually and corporately. As a company, its donations of sleeping bags and wind-up radios to rough sleepers have brought both life-saving warmth and a source of entertainment to people who would otherwiseMain image (760 x 445) have none.

Individually, technical director Nick Kirkman has been given the Royal Yachting Association Lifetime Commitment Award for his 20 years of teaching children to sail on the Hampshire coast. Lead engineer Simon Parsons makes his contribution to the UK’s cultural life through his volunteer work as an archaeological geophysicist who has found Iron Age and Roman farmsteads and a Saxon iron working settlement around his home village in Cambridgeshire.

ATDI work with local charities to identify and distribute need within the community.

Activities: Radios, Open House Sleeping bags
Charities: Thunor TrustOff the fenceCatching Lives

Social responsibility

ATDI aims to create a sustainable business plan based on evidence-based strategies that lead to real change. Central to this strategy are the issues that matter most such as attracting and retaining a skilled workforce, speed of technology change and assessing ATDI’s impact on society. Corporate social responsibility goes beyond compliance with legislation but instead focuses on ethical values and respect for people, communities and the natural environment.

As an ethical business emphasis placed on the source of products and services, the businesses conduct and quality and service standards. Similarly, ATDI takes a sustainable approach to business, a concept which recognises the importance of business continuity, particularly in relation to providing jobs and custom for suppliers.


ATDI is committed to minimising its environmental impact. While engineers will attend customers’ offices and work sites whenever required, at other times they work from home; ATDI facilitates this as a means of reducing the individual and environmentcorporate carbon footprint.

This commitment is further enhanced by the progress made towards a paper-free operation to minimise waste, conference rooms shared with other companies when not in use by ATDI and actively promoting recycling both internally and amongst its suppliers.

Policy:  Environmental Policy Statement (608 downloads)

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