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ICS suite moves to new version

ICS suite moves to new version

ICS suite moves to new version

The most useful planning and modelling software in the industry has just taken a further step forward.

ATDI’s flagship software suite, ICS telecom and its sister tools, has now been released in version 14 and is better equipped than ever to meet customers’ needs.

“As with all previous releases, version 14 benefits from everything customers say to us about how to improve the tool,” says ATDI operations director Paul Grant. “Over the 25 years of ICS telecom’s continuous development, I know we’ve said that each new version is based on customer feedback – but that’s because every time it’s true.”

Central among the new features in version 14 are the addition of propagation models ITU-R P.452-16 and ITU-R P.1812-4. “Once again,” Paul comments, “this was driven by what our customers said they needed. We were happy to oblige.”

Other modifications and new features include:


  •  1812 and 452 clutter options updated. Mid-path and terminal clutter settings can be independently set
  • Clutter builder optimised and new attributes added
  • Modify clutter based on SHP polygons added
  • Convert buildings to clutter code feature added.


  • Subscribers can be exported to GoogleEarth when exporting coverage
  • Change size of subscriber icon added


  • Ability to produce C/I maps
  • Ability to produce PFD maps
  • Callsign and search features added
  • Next and previous navigation keys added.

Station database:

  • Supports 1 million stations.


  • ICAO buildings restricted areas – calculates exclusion areas based on ICAO EUR CDOC 015
  • Many new signal types added e.g. Markers, MLS AZ, ILS GP.

Map display:

  • Rectangle tool – select all and select active view added
  • Vectors displayed on screen even if part of vector outside of viewport
  • Many new geoportals added e.g. open topo maps.


  • Improved speed of coverage calculations (>10%)
  • Population-covered report based on SHP file
  • Coverage can be limited to selected clutter codes only
  • Vectorise the coverage results and add to vector file
  • Export coverage to text file.


  • 3D PLT format supported
  • ADF format antennas can be imported when using generic asci file import.
  • Andrew mobile antennas added
  • Gabriel RPE patterns added

Interference and frequency assignment:

  • Fast assignment for fixed and mobile in point to point mode
  • Fast interference check for fixed and mobile stations
  • Radar interference now includes antenna elevation pattern
  • Isolate stations using same frequency as selected station added.