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ICS map server


ICS map server is a comprehensive map data toolkit for the production and manipulation of cartographic data from diverse sources including satellite images, aerial photographs and paper maps. Data produced are compatible with ICS telecom and other ATDI software.


ICS map server supports all ATDI planning and modelling software by facilitating the creation of cartographic data from all sources, electronic or paper. ATDI software use three principal data sets - three-dimensional terrain models, files describing buildings and vegetation and a background map image to which the planning can be related. A fourth layer is used for cellular or trunked systems to express traffic demand on the ground. Vectors can also be overlaid on all layers to describe non-radio attributes such as customer requirements, postcode sectors or other proxies for customers and customer behaviour.

The ICS map server permits these data layers to be created, converted, manipulated, enhanced and published for use in planning and modelling projects. Some data format conversion functionality is available with Global Mapper using ATDI plug-in (see the Global Mapper Plug-in).

ATDI Video

This video presentation describes map data solutions and includes conversion of map data bases, manipulation and enhancement of map data, as well as data extraction.

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