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ICS manager


ICS manager is ATDI’s spectrum management database tool. It manages sites, equipment, licences and fees.

ICS manager is based on and fully compliant with ITU-R Rec. SM 1047: National Spectrum Management and Rec. SM 667: National Spectrum Management Data. When used as a standalone application ICS manager provides the solution for ITU-R Rec. SM 1048: Design Guidelines for a Basic Automated Spectrum Management System for smaller territories and industry organisations in countries with deregulated frequency assignment regimes.

ICS manager

The software allows the user to carry out station definition, ITU notification, international coordination, licence issue and a host of management functions associated with spectrum management. Monitoring data can be imported and compared with that on record. Frequencies can be assigned to individual stations and allotted to services. Frequency plans can be assembled and managed and future assignments made against these plans. Data can also be stored specifying antennas, equipment and users. Licensing data can be exported to a billing system for the generation of invoices for spectrum use.

ATDI Video

This video presentation provides a general overview of ATDI’s automated spectrum management platform ICS manager. This software solution enables the streamlining of a regulator’s processes including: issuing of licenses, management of the spectrum, calculating potential interference, invoicing, international coordination, notification, monitoring spectrum usage and enforcing compliance.

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