mission planning power


PnC is the mobile tool that helps military personnel plan and model for their radio needs.

PnC runs on any handheld device and computer – whether laptop or desktop – and can be taken to wherever it is needed.

The tool was designed by ATDI in consultation with UK military planners and is intended primarily for use in the field.

PNC provides almost instant response on signal viability, delivering vital information to just about any portable hardware from a tablet to a laptop. It means field operatives can instantly modify mission plans and update HQ with essential feedback.


PNC is perfect for:

• Predicting tactical radio coverage, showing where base station coverage can reach  portable devices in both urban and rural environments

• Planning intermediate relay stations for end stations in difficult-to-reach situations

• Plotting coverage overspills and preventing unwanted reception where systems may be intercepted

• Planning data bearing links for point to point links for tactical communications in hilly terrains

• Plotting connections of remote sensors using point to point links with low antenna heights

• Predicting UAV airspace coverage  from ground control systems into mountainous regions

• Re-planning and making decisions on the ground in real-time, improving efficiency and reducing tactical delays

• Predicting optical coverage to determine areas of visibility

PNC is the ideal compact companion to allow operatives to make real time planning decisions to cope with an ever changing environment.

PMC is currenty being demonstrated on a Panasonic CF-H2 Field Toughbook. End users should be aware that this software is compatible with a variety of different hardware options.

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