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ICS online

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ICS online allows the sharing network and radio planning data online.

Web-based and accessible, ICS online enables users to exchange information with customers.

ICS online displays outputs from ATDI’s suite of planning tools


ICS online

This solution enables users to share network and radio planning data online with customers or other key stakeholders via a unique URL. ICS online ensures data is accessible anywhere, anytime, to whoever needs it.

ICS online displays outputs from ATDI’s suite of planning tools including coverage, sites, interference, and traffic maps.

ICS online offers users:

  • Use of a unique account and associated URL to access enable shared access;
  • Different viewing modes including public mode, public-restricted mode (those issued a key can view the data) or in a private mode (login/password protected);
  • Access to an up-to-date BRIFIC database;
  • Option to use Open Street Maps;
  • Access to user-defined WMS servers;
  • Ability to export stations and MW links; Access 20m Worldwide DTM (available on request);
  • Ability to export the coverage on a site-by-site basis and to display the status of service for each station;
  • Features ability to plot path profiles;
  • Ability to import CSV and automatic SQL table-builder and forms;
  • Access to White-Space device database and TVWS availability database;
  • Upload supporting documents relating to the data displayed. The ICS online account can also be used as an FTP repository account to share data with your partners;

ICS online is compatible with the latest software releases from the ICS suite of planning tools.

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