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ICS telecom EV

Introducing ICS telecom EV

In a world where spectrum resources are being squeezed to achieve maximum efficiency and capacity, ICS telecom EV offers advanced radio network planning, modelling and spectrum management capabilities for public safety, transport, utilities, satellite and network operators.

ICS telecom EV is ideal for planning homogeneous and heterogeneous wireless networks. It supports every established spectrum-dependant technology with emerging technologies added once they have defined methods. Planning can be manual or automatic on standalone machines or networked computers.

The ICS suite, which includes HTZ warfare for military markets, has been under continuous development since 1988.

So what’s different about ICS telecom EV?

  • Unprecedented prediction reliability compared to others radio planning tools with a higher correlation percentage between prediction and measurements, greater than 95%
  • Improved calculation speeds resulting from massive processing and virtual machine licensing schemes
  • Support for standardized (3GPP, TETRA, etc) and emerging technologies (full range of IoT LPWAN)
  • Fully automatized network planning incorporating a myriad of variables which enable it to meet enterprise targets for coverage and capacity, even in ultra-dense areas
  • Fully compatibility with previous software including integration of existing network parameters
  • Easy import of cartography
  • Easy export of coverage maps for sharing with other teams like marketing or sales
  • Revised price list and flexible subscription model
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ICS telecom EV is compatible with all modern radio networks, whether fixed or mobile in the frequency range 8kHz to 350GHz. This includes aeronautical systems, broadcast - TV and radio, cellular, fixed radio access, land mobile, marine systems, microwave bearer, mobile data, paging, radar, satellite and telemetry. Other technologies supported include:

AM, FM, HR radio, TVA, PMR, TETRA, DAB, DMB, DTV, DVB, VOR, ILS, COM, GSM, GSM-R ETCS and non ETCS, DCS, LTE, eMBMS, SRD, RLAN, DRM, MFAM, WiMAX, CDMA, WCDMA, CDMA 2000, WIBRO, ISDB, ATSC, CMMB, DME, DMR, WIFI, MLAT, SCDMA. HF, Satellites (GSO, NGSO, constellations), Microwave links, RRL, 5G, Mesh networks, smart grids, LoRa, RPMA, AMR, P2P, P2MP, Wind turbines, Radar (Ground, Air), Direction finding and user defined technologies.

ICS telecom EV benefits all stages of network ownership and management. It handles capabilities such as:

• Technology evaluation • Identifying best site candidates • Business modelling • Network design and planning • Spectrum optimization • Spectrum monitoring • Network proving • System administration • Network optimization • Regulatory constraints • Environmental constraints • Prospective planning • International, bi-lateral and regional coordination

ICS telecom EV features:

• Engineering data-sharing • Integrated GIS (multi-maps, multi-resolutions, WMS, WMTS) • Cartography library including clutter builder, DTM/DEM toolkit for urban builders and indoor projects. High resolution building builder, able to import/export vector and raster formats, SRTM library and support plus otehr online data sources • Raster (ortho, topo, plan, cadaster) and vector layers, Bing, Here, Google, Open Street Map, World topo, Geoportals, Street View

It is capable of modelling adaptive thresholds, threshold degradation, fixed modulation, adaptive modulation, SISO, MIMO, AAS, TDD, FDD, COFDM, SFN, MFN and more.

ICS telecom EV enables planning engineers to develop effective networks rapidly and economically for both indoor, outdoor, indoor/outdoor and mixed environments (urban, rural, offshore) in full 3D with a resolution up to 0.1 meter (Indoor: 0.01 m).

ICS telecom EV incorporates analysis methods from leading institutions including the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). As a mature application under continuous development, ICS telecom EV is used by regulators, systems integrators, network operators and consultants across the globe.

ICS telecom EV applies a generic approach to propagation channel modelling and a deterministic propagation model to fulfil all VHF/UHF/S/EHF requirements consecutively.

ATDI Video

This video presentation is dedicated to ICS telecom - ATDI's flagship radio planning tool. It describes ICS telecom's main functions including network coverage calculations, interference analysis, network planning and coexistence.

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