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Software Applications

ATDI offer a comprehensive portfolio of off-the-shelf software solutions. See below. For more information please contact

ICS telecom EV allows engineers to plan and model radiocommunications networks efficiently and to manage network development. ICS telecom EV is technology-neutral.

HTZ warfare is a military radiocommunications planning and modelling tool for all technologies. It is an effective electronic warfare simulator and unmanned aerial vehicle mission management tool.

ICS map server is a comprehensive map data toolkit for the production and manipulation of cartographic data from diverse sources including satellite images, aerial photographs and paper maps. Data produced are compatible with ATDI’s format.

ICS manager is ATDI’s spectrum management database tool which meets the needs of all organisations responsible for the supervision of blocks of spectrum. It manages sites, equipment, licences and fees.

This tool is a compact companion for military mission planners and spectrum managers. The tool, which operates on a handheld, laptop or desktop computer, was designed by ATDI in consultation with military planners and is targetted, primarily, for use in the field.

Frequently network operators need to verify their network performance and network designers need to validate the propagation models to be used for a specific environment. Libra™ measures signal levels across an area. This data can then be correlated against output from ICS telecom, HTZ warfare and ICS LT.

In modern digital communications, it is often not enough to measure the presence of adequate signal alone; effects such as delay spread, poor equalisation and interference also degrade performance, even in high signal areas. Gemini allows communications to be assessed objectively using typical subscriber handsets or other terminals, using parameters such as voice quality and dropped calls.

In any location where several transmitters and receivers are operated, signals will interact by what is referred to as the heterodyne effect; interaction (or intermodulation) products are produced on all sum/difference and product combination frequencies of every signal present. IMP Calc computes these resulting intermodulation products.

Antios software allows elemental antennas to be specified. It then develops phased arrays comprising of various combinations of these elemental antennas to be built and parameterised. The resulting polar responses can be exported to ICS Telecom and HTZ Warfare for use in network planning and modelling.

Network planning and modelling tools require data defining terrain, buildings and vegetation from which radio path profiles are constructed and automatically analysed to predict wanted and unwanted signals. Projects using these tools need data on user behaviour (in towns and cities, on roads, along railway lines, over postcode sectors and at specific points of interest) so that performance can be mapped to requirement. Such data is collectively known as ‘map data’. ATDI can supply all types of map data for every country in the world.


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