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Antios software allows elemental antennas to be specified. It then develops phased arrays comprising various combinations of these elemental antennas to be built and parameterised. The resulting polar responses can be exported to ICS Telecom and HTZ Warfare for use in network planning and modelling.


The polar response of any antenna array is a complex vector sum of the polar response of the individual antennas making up the array. Arrays of antennas are used throughout the radio world in any application where something other than an omni-directional radiation pattern is required. Typical applications of Antios include: development of high front-to-back ratio (coupled with wide area coverage) antennas in mobile services for avoidance of undue exported interference; design of unique arrays in the broadcast service to meet regulator-imposed power flux density masks; development of very specific radiation response devices for use in confined space and on-site applications.

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