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In modern digital communications, it is often not enough to measure the presence of adequate signal alone; effects such as delay spread, poor equalisation and interference also degrade performance, even in high signal areas. Gemini allows communications to be assessed objectively using typical subscriber handsets or other terminals, assessing parameters such as voice quality and dropped calls.


Gemini™ uses two radio units, one fixed and one in the survey vehicle, which repeatedly make calls to each other while logging the location and the progress of each test call.

Both units make and receive test calls automatically with failure reasons and call set-up times recorded. A standard speech phrase is transmitted during each test to simulate a voice call and this is automatically assessed and a mean opinion score of speech quality given.

After a survey the data are analysed and the results presented in a number of different formats providing a high level view of the system quality. If problems are discovered then data can be analysed further to identify likely causes.
Gemini™ is intended to be used regularly to provide high-level, objective measures of radio network performance that can be compared against a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or other agreed performance criteria.

Gemini™ is a trademark of Radio Systems Information.

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