IMP Calc


In any location where several transmitters and receivers are operated, signals will interact by what is referred to as the heterodyne effect; interaction (or intermodulation) products are produced on all sum/difference and product combination frequencies of every signal present. IMP Calc computes these resulting intermodulation products.


Calculating intermodulation products has always been a headache for an engineer - working out all of the possible combinations of frequencies then checking to see if they cause problems on victim receivers. It needs only a few frequencies for the problem to grow beyond the capabilities of the average spreadsheet. This is particularly the case when signal bandwidths are also to be considered.

IMP Calc is a stand-alone Windows utility that simplifies the task of calculating, viewing and evaluating intermodulation products.

For more information see IMP Calc product brochure and Getting Started Guide available opposite, or download a trial version of the software from the Downloads area. A key code is available to purchase which permanently releases the full product functionality.


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