Frequently network operators need to verify their network performance and network designers need to validate the propagation models to be used for a specific environment. Libra™ measures signal level across an area. This data can then be correlated against output from ICS Telecom, HTZ Warfare and ICS Basic.


Libra is a comprehensive survey system that gathers statistically-valid sets of signal measurements; the vehicle in which Libra is mounted transits the area covered by a base station or other transmitter. By simultaneously measuring reference transmitters and vacant and adjacent spectrum, measurement system errors can also be trapped.

The data gathered can be uploaded to ICS Telecom and HTZ Warfare and a detailed analysis of the degree of correlation can be produced. Where appropriate, this can be extended to allow the propagation model to be tuned to optimise propagation model accuracy. Within ICS Basic, the correlation report is limited to statistics on accuracy.

Libra™ requires a calibrated radio receiver and is therefore suitable only for customers who have access to Willtek GPR or Griffin receiver.

Libra™ is capable of completing indoor coverage surveys and has a special mode that allows the user to log the position on a map without using GPS.

Libra™ is a trademark of Radio Systems Information.


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