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A re-boot of regulator efficiency has been implemented by ATDI.

Everything from monitoring who is doing what with the spectrum they own to the collection of fees from licence-holders has been re-vamped for a national spectrum authority in an upgrade based around ATDI’s spectrum management solution.

“The latest upgrade was in Colombia, but we’ve done this kind of across-the-board enhancement in a number of countries,” comments ATDI operations director Paul Grant. “ATDI has been working with regulators on every continent for the last three decades and everything we learn in our working relationship in one nation we apply and adapt in all the others. We’re proud to say we now have a huge pool of experience to draw on when tackling any new situations.”

In Colombia, the issue for regulator MinTIC was how to modernise and improve a creaking legacy systems. MinTIC’s spectrum management system had been purchased in 1999 and ATDI’s challenge was to integrate the company’s new solution with MinTIC’s database of licensees, pre-existing licensing structure, invoicing system and framework for receiving requests for spectrum licences.

ATDI achieved this with its ICS telecom, ICS map server and ICS manager software suites backed by a web interface connecting ICS manager to online services allowing spectrum-holders to go to a website to submit applications for new frequencies or modifications to existing assets.

“The new solution has been called SAGE,” Paul comments, “and it now forms the core of how they conduct their day-to-day business. SAGE is the result of a root-and-branch upgrade and creating it was an interesting task because there couldn’t be a break in services; we had to introduce our upgraded structure seamlessly. That was something of a challenge when dealing with a legacy system composed of disparate modules which often didn’t talk to each other and, if they did, presented information differently. Our upgrade produced a unified structure and to achieve it we had to synchronise the data held in MinTIC’s old spectrum management system and their licensing system before we could migrate that data to our new solution – and because the existing licensing system performed other functions for MinTIC, it could never be turned off.”

“Happily, our long experience of working with regulators meant that it wasn’t the first time we had encountered such a problem. It is pleasing to report that everything is now up and running meaning MinTIC is operating far faster and more efficiently while its licence-holders haven’t had a moment’s interruption in services.”

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