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More regulators rely on ATDI

More regulators rely on ATDI

More regulators rely on ATDI

The family of regulators relying on ATDI’s tools and expertise to complete their vital work continues to expand.

The two latest countries to join the fold are the west African state of Guinea (as in Guinea-Conakry rather than neighbouring Guinea-Bissau) and the central European financial powerhouse of Luxembourg.

In both countries, ATDI’s suite of software tools, most notably ICS telecom and ICS manager, backed by the company’s technical support and consultancy, will be used to provide spectrum management solutions.

“The only continent on which ATDI does not work with regulators is Antarctica,” says company managing director Sarah Byrne. “Everywhere else, our involvement continues to grow – both in terms of the number of regulators who use our tools and in terms of the depth and duration of our relationship.

“ATDI has been supporting regulators with software and expertise throughout its 25 years history, and we now work in the world’s hottest, coldest, highest, lowest, driest and wettest places – and in a huge number of differing political and economic climates too.”

ILRIn Luxembourg, regulator ILR will use ICS manager to handle coordination issues. “International coordination is hugely important in Luxembourg,” Sarah notes. “Given its land borders with three other countries and small size – just 35 miles across – it requires a precision tool like ICS manager to ensure its domestic signals do not interfere with, or are interfered by, those from its neighbours.”


In Guinea, ARPT will rely on ICS telecom for technical calculations and ICS manager for the administrative element part of spectrum management. ATDI will provide software, ARPT
hardware, training, customisation, and integration with ARPT’s existing tools.

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