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ATDI – helping those who rule the waves

ATDI – helping those who rule the waves

ATDI – helping those who rule the waves

There’s nothing regulation about regulators. They come in all shapes and sizes – and ATDI understands them all.

Spectrum regulators and managers around the world – from north to south, east to west and from high mountain icecaps to deep desert depressions – work with ATDI as they go about their business of exploiting resources, keeping frequency-holders happy, having a constantly-updated database of who is doing what and pleasing their political masters and the voters beyond.

“It’s what we have always done,” says ATDI managing director Peter Paul. “Our relationship with some regulators even pre-dates the regulator itself. For instance, in the UK we work with Ofcom now but our connection started in the days when Ofcom was still the Radio Authority.

“The fact that so many regulators from Scandinavia to South America, the Far East to Africa, now use our tools and our expertise is as exciting as it is gratifying.”

Peter notes that ATDI’s relationship with each regulator – as with the rest of the company’s customers – is not confined to cold commerciality. “We chat,” he says. “Whether it’s a face to face meeting or a video conference call, we talk about things. We can be asked informally how something should be done and we offer our considered opinion. It is pleasing when that opinion, as it often does, supports policy creation.”

And like all good relationships, both partners know when to be discreet. “All our customers have sensitive commercial information and we are 100 per cent certain to keep confidential any that we are party to,” Peter states. “With regulators, the issue often goes beyond commerce into matters of defence and national security. We were able to demonstrate this capacity through our continuous adherence to the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditation.  We have a lengthy and unblemished track record to back up the commitment to confidentiality we made at the outset.

“Indeed, working with a regulator is always going to be a sensitive matter because of the politics involved. A commercial radio user is free to do anything within the law; a regulator can do only what is acceptable to its political overseers and the electorate. We’ve had very many discussions with our regulator customers over the years about how to navigate those choppy waters.”

The common ground for all regulators, Peter notes, is the technical standards they must adhere to and enforce among frequency-holders. “But, otherwise, every situation is different – and every situation we have been in has taught us something useful that our customers have benefitted from in every other situation.”

Another commonality for regulators is that so many of them use ATDI tools. “For those that do, it makes sharing and comparing information and just talking to other regulators as easy as sending an email.”  View ATDI’s extensive list of spectrum management customers across the globe via our website:

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