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ATDI’s global regulator family continues to grow

ATDI’s global regulator family continues to grow

ATDI’s global regulator family continues to grow

Mexican spectrum regulator IFT has become the latest national spectrum manager to adopt ATDI software and expertise.

Working with local partner Teksar Labs, ATDI has delivered an integrated spectrum management system which IFT will use for network planning and spectrum engineering, database migration, software customisation and maintenance services. At the heart of the system are the ICS telecom and Spectrum-E, ATDI’s online network planning application.

Mexico joins Niger and Lithuania as nations whose regulators have this year turned to ATDI for systems and consultancy. “It really is a global family,” says ATDI managing director Sarah Byrne. “We work with regulators on every continent, in every time zone, in every kind of market and in every type of political, geographic and topological situation. The fact that nearly 100 organisations rely on us to help them carry out their vital work continues to be most gratifying.”

In Mexico, IFT is using ATDI’s tools and expertise to upgrade its 10-year-old systems. ICS telecom and Spectrum-E will facilitate greater automation of tasks and the migration of IFT’s database to the new structures is now underway.

ATDI’s work with IFT will cover AM and FM radio broadcasts, as well as analogue and digital television and frequency coordination with the neighbouring US.

“It is fair to say that regulators turn to ATDI because of our track record,” Sarah notes. “It’s not just the global scope of our relationships but the fact that we have been working with regulators since the company’s founding two decades ago. We have learned a great deal on that journey and we bring all that experience to bear every time we start work in a new country.”

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