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Helping students plan (and model) future success

Helping students plan (and model) future success

Helping students plan (and model) future success

Every young engineer needs a hand to get on the career ladder – and something hands-on is an even better boost.

ATDI is making its planning and modelling software available via ICS cloud to university students to best prepare them for the day when they will be using the company’s tools for real.

“ICS cloud gives online access to ATDI’s planning and modelling software ICS designer,” says marketing director Sarah Sasson. “These systems are used and trusted by regulators, companies of all sizes, the armed forces and emergency services so they couldn’t be more relevant or more authentic in terms of industry operation.

“What we are offering students is an opportunity to be familiar with them before they graduate. ATDI’s tools are so widely used across every part of the radiocommunications sector that a young engineer will encounter them sooner rather than later. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for a student to be able to tell potential employers at a job interview that he or she already has experience of working with ATDI software?”

ATDI’s offer enables students to hire ICS cloud for either three months or a year providing hands-on experience and provide input with the production of their theses and dissertations. The offer also includes access to Bing maps, ATDI’s map data toolkit Worldwide Builder, a library of support documents and computer-based training.

“All students have to do is to prove to us they are genuine students and, of course, that they have an interest in radio network planning and modelling,” Sarah says. “Then, the door to their future is unlocked.”

All details of the offer can be found at https://www.atdi.co.uk/education/students/ics-cloud-students/

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