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Supporting the supporters

Supporting the supporters

Supporting the supporters

ATDI’s support for its customers is receiving its own backing.

A number of organisations from across borders and industry sectors are lining up to praise ATDI’s technical support services.

Typical among them are Serbian regulator Ratel which has contacted ATDI to express its satisfaction at the quality of the company’s expertise and speed of its responses. A Ratel spokesman says: “Our agency experienced efficient, cooperative, accurate, direct and descriptive support that has improved during the last year when lot of different technical requirements were issued.”

At Slovenian regulator AKOS, head of radiocommunications Janja Versek comments: “When our team of experts needs quick help or advice on how to use some software options we contact the ATDI technical support. Our experience with them is very positive. They are very responsive – we usually receive their reply the very same day the request is sent; for more complex issues they involve experienced and qualified staff who help us in couple of days.”

Janja adds: “We would like to stress as well, that the training courses offered by ATDI are very high quality and that ATDI personnel try to customize the program in accordance with our needs.”

Leonard Shaw, senior manager: access master planning at Telekom South Africa, praises “support you can count on, saying: “It took one call to the Paris ATDI support team and within little more than a day I had a new updated dongle in my hands in Pretoria South Africa.   Kudos to the ATDI support team.”

Darko Grgurovic, executive director at Montenegro regulator EKIP, mentions timely, effective, practical advice which always tackles the root of any problem the customer may have.

“It’s all about deliberate speed,” says ATDI [name, title]. “There’s no point having the fastest answer for customers if it is the wrong answer. ATDI has perfected the balance of delivering support that is both right and soon.”

For full details of ATDI’s support and maintenance packages contact your local office.

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