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Sweden shapes its future with the help of ATDI

Sweden shapes its future with the help of ATDI

Sweden is reaping the rewards of the digital dividend – and those rewards are being passed on to consumers.

The latest auction of spectrum in the 800 MHz band earlier this month raised the equivalent of £195 million, of which £29.2 million is to be used to bring wireless broadband to Sweden’s rural population.

“It is gratifying that [this money] during the next few years will be used to cover precisely those households and companies that lack coverage today,” says Goran Marby, director general of Post and Telecom regulator PTS. “This is a part of getting broadband coverage to everybody in the country.”

PTS’s work in Sweden is being bolstered by a new relationship with ATDI. The company has been contracted to assess and catalogue all users of Sweden’s spectrum, from commercial broadcasters to military planners. ATDI is using its flagship spectrum management tool, ICS Manager, to present the information to PTS in a series of databases. Accurate information has been vital to PTS in the latest auction and will be essential throughout the broadband rollout, as well as during routine operations.

“PTS’s mandate is to ensure the spectrum is used to optimize benefit for the country and with maximum efficiency for all users,” says PTS head of spectrum department Urban Landmark. “To do that, we need to be absolutely precise about who the users are and how are they allowed to use the frequencies they have been allocated. Our new relationship with ATDI will enable us to accurately monitor all aspects of spectrum holding and usage.”

ATDI managing director Cyprien de Cosson adds: “ATDI has been working with regulators such as PTS since the company’s founding 13 years ago. I am very proud that PTS has joined the list of authorities trusting us with the efficient management of the vast swathes of information it needs.

“This is a particularly exciting and challenging time to be working with PTS as the regulator, in addition to all its other tasks, now has to ensure the smooth operation of the spectrum it has just sold and it must work out how to implement its commitment to national broadband services.”

The installation of new software systems at PTS is backed by a consultancy contract through which ATDI engineers will support PTS staff in all aspects of the use of ICS Manager.

ATDI is producing databases for PTS covering: licence management, coordination and spectrum planning, frequency assignments and channel allotments, zone allotments or band allocations, antennas and equipment, frequency allocation and workflow management. The use of each database is enhanced by visualisation functions featuring user-defined queries and dedicated, personalised screens for the input and output of data.

Allan Roberts, ATDI’s head of engineering for Scandinavia and the Baltic states, comments: “What we will be able to do is vastly improve productivity for PTS, removing duplication from the current databases and bringing the most modern and efficient systems into play.”

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