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Tackling the risks from radio waves

Tackling the risks from radio waves

Tackling the risks from radio waves

ATDI is leading the debate about the impact of radio waves on humans.

The company has jointly organised a symposium where health risks associated with radio spectrum usage will be analysed and discussed.

Titled Human and Field: Submission or Interaction, the symposium will be held in Warsaw, Poland, on May 19-21 and is being run in conjunction with the Center for Advanced Studies at the Warsaw University of Technology and under the patronage of the Polish government’s Ministry of Digitization.

Agnieszka Slosarska, CEO of ATDI Poland, comments: “We are bringing together a panel of global experts to shed new light on the question of the impact of radio waves on humans. The speakers will come from physics, medicine and engineering and will look at all aspects of this issue.”

The specialists include Michael Giersig of the Freie University, Berlin, ATDI’s Haim Mazar who has many years of study in the field, and scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology.

Agnieszka adds: “Until now, the consequences of the impact of electromagnetic fields on humans were discussed in isolation from research and analysis. They were left in the realm of conjecture and speculation. As a result, the topic has accumulated a lot of myths and controversies because of the lack of reliable research.

“This means that opinions are divided. Some believe that exposure to the waves does not matter, while others declare that they feel the effects of the impact of the waves and seek help from doctors, who more often than not don’t have ready-made solutions for their patients.”

For full details of this event contact biuro@atdi.com

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