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Support like never before

Support like never before

Support like never before

ATDI has a new year resolution: 20m and up.

It’s part of the company’s new-look, improved technical support package covering all ATDI software suites.

The 20m resolution comes in the map data offering through which customers can access a global map database.

“That’s just one aspect,” says ATDI managing director Sarah Byrne. “The rest is a package of services based around what our customers need and value. What’s the point in creating a technical support package that isn’t relevant?”

The package includes:

  • Free mapping options available plus access to ATDI’s worldwide builder (WWB) enabling users to access global map database;
  • Computer based training modules for newbies or those requiring refresher training
  • Dedicated on-site training or consultancy per year (based on number of licences)
  • One full upgrade per calendar year
  • Minimum of three beta releases per calendar year
  • Telephone, fax and e-mail technical support
  • Direct access to members portal featuring FAQs, library of webinar recordings, computer based training and more
  • Organisation-wide Bing maps licences
  • Organisation account for ICS online
  • Free replacement dongles and software CDs for lost or upgraded systems
  • Reduced price training

“We’re aiming to add to this a new support helpline software,” Sarah notes. “We’re trialling it at the moment and, if it meets or surpasses our requirements, we’ll roll it out for our customers.”

She says the main benefits for end users will be increased speed of response, including notification of receipt of emails, and the ability for engineers to prioritise requests including those relating to system critical situations. “It will also allow us to better analyse our performance and ensure we continue to hit the high standards we set for ourselves,” Sarah comments.

An off-shoot will be the creation of a knowledge database to assist users with support questions.

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