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The first fifteen

The first fifteen

ATDI is 15. To mark its first decade-and-a-half in business, a lunch was held for invited account managers at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Those attending came from commerce, the military and governmental organisations from Ofcom to air traffic control.

ATDI managing director Cyprien de Cosson told them they were the unsung, invisible heroes of society. He said that, because of the work they had done in tandem with ATDI, “people across the country have phones that work, planes that get where they are going safely, emergency services that are never out of touch and a cloud that holds the most important information in people’s lives.”

He noted that ATDI spanned a period stretching from The Spice Girls to Lady Gaga and said that no company stays in business for that length of time unless it is good as what it does. “We’d love to think that our longevity is evidence for our abilities, and we thank you for believing in those abilities and trusting us with vital tasks since 1996,” he added.

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