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ATDI’s software development is as broad as it is deep.

Following on from the company’s launch of the ground-breaking ICS telecom EV planning and modelling software for the civilian sector, military operators are now being offered a new version of HTZ warfare.

Supporting the latest technology and with a simplified user interface and new drag-and-drop facility, it is the product of ATDI’s three decades of software development based on feedback from end users.

“It’s ATDI’s culture of continuous improvement that makes our software stand out,” says ATDI UK operations director Paul Grant. “There is a spine of developers who have been with the company since the beginning and that gives great continuity. Add to that the best of the fresh talent that has joined us over the years and the result is everything our customers need.”

Specifically, HTZ warfare is the all-in-one solution for defense organizations. It models battlefield communications and wireless systems from 3 kHz to 350GHz including tactical radio, microwave, radars, satellites, and UAVs. It incorporates advanced modelling of modern electronic warfare  (ELINT, COMINT) battlefield in 2D/3D view and has extensive radio simulation of interception scenarios, direction finding, and sensors.

In addition, the new HTZ warfare has enhanced white space calculation options for device assignment, new propagation models, mesh planning, modelling for ground-to-air propagation and improved vector handling features.

“It also works with low threshold systems, like LoRa, which are often important in a military context,” Paul notes. “Overall, HTZ warfare is everything planners need when they’re mobile and their situation is fluid – and that’s what they asked us for.”

An HTZ warfare Masterclass is being held on September 28 at 10:00 AM BST. Register today