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The power of data

The power of data

The power of data

A database is the platform on which a company often stands. Knowing how to make full use of that was the theme of the latest FAQ Friday webinar run by ATDI.

Led by technical director Nick Kirkman, the session showed delegates from across the radiocommunications sector the capabilities of ATDI’s flagship planning and modelling tool ICS telecom for importing data into the software and making it generate useful information.

ICS telecom has been in development for 25 years and part of its functionalities have been either created or enhanced in response to customer feedback. “Data manipulation and exploitation is essential for most users and this is probably why so many decided to attend the webinar.”

Delegates said the session gave them gaining greater understanding of the tool’s capabilities. In particular, how the ICS suite can be used for importing station and microwave link data.

“ICS telecom is a whole box of tools,” Nick says, “and it’s always pleasing when we can open the lid wider and show people what’s inside.”

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