Mapping is set to become easier with a new series of plug-in libraries.

The new tools, soon to be released by ATDI Ltd, will allow users to import a wide range of readily available data formats and then visualise, re-project and export them into ATDI native formats without specialised training.

The plug-in libraries for the Global Mapper GIS software enables users to import image, terrain and clutter data into ICS Telecom, HTZ Warfare and HerTZ Mapper tools within a few key clicks.

Global Mapper services, known as a Swiss Army knife of GIS software, has been adopted worldwide as a toolbox to read, treat, visualise and export raster and vector GIS data sets in different formats.

The ATDI plug-ins give Global Mapper support for ATDI imagery, terrain and clutter file formats.

The product complements ICS Map Server, which offers more advanced functionality such as contour capture, raster data editing and ortho-rectification of imagery, as well as support for some more esoteric file formats.

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