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User group finds fans everywhere

User group finds fans everywhere

User group finds fans everywhere

It’s never too late to learn. Actually, sometimes it is but that’s where the recorded version of ATDI’s FAQ Friday comes in handy.

Each FAQ Friday session shows online delegates how to get the most from the company’s suite of software tools. Such is the demand for the tips the webinars can impart that audiences are often spread across three continents. For the latest session, conducted by ATDI operations director Paul Grant at lunchtime in the UK, it was too late in the day for the Australian would-be attendees so they took the recorded version instead.

“It’s a bit of a shame because the content of FAQ Fridays is set by the audience and the questions they ask,” Paul notes. “But, we’re not going to be asking people to stay awake past midnight after a long day at the office to join in so it’s just pleasing they wanted to see what we discussed.”

That discussion centred around using ATDI software tool ICS telecom to set up a frequency plan and its role in frequency assignment; creating and using a building layer; and how to use site searches to find optimum positions for coverage infill.

Each FAQ Friday starts with a brief presentation from an ATDI engineer with the rest of the session being given over to audience questions. Guidance Paul was able to give in response to questions related to: displaying station coverage using shortcut ctrl + C; use of the general filter (Map>Filter>General Filter) to help filter the resultant layer that is on the screen; and using the recent coverage list (left toolbar) to redisplay the results of simulations. This information is seen as especially useful when the results not associated with a station.

“People who attended the event tell me the best part was learning how to create a building layer and searching sites to fill in null coverage areas,” Paul says, “along with how to adjust vector heights and discovering all the new features ICS Telecom has to offer.

“I’m also told they liked clear answers. Well, that’s what we aim to do: clear questions deserve clear answers.”

Delegates also suggested topics they would like to see covered in future sessions and Paul says: “We’ll get to as many as we can.”

Register for our next event on Friday 4 March.

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