Webinar: Introducing ICS manager | ATDI


Webinar: Introducing ICS manager

Webinar: Introducing ICS manager

Webinar: Introducing ICS manager

Following the success of our recent Managing databases webinar, ATDI now presents an Introduction to ICS manager.

ICS manager provides a flexible platform for spectrum management and monitoring. This leading software is targeted at regulatory authorities, broadcasters, telecommunication organisations and government departments who need to manage and monitor radio spectrum.

This webinar introduces key features and functions of the software while offering a refresher to existing users. Alex Krasnojen, ATDI’s lead engineer will present the webinar using presentation slides and live product demos. Time will be allocated to take delegate questions both during and after the event. The key topics covered include:
Product overview:

  • Structure
  • Types of data used
  • User interface
  • Main features and functions

Working with ICS Manager:

  • Basics of data import and export
  • Storing and retrieving information
  • Data exchange with ATDI’s radio planning and technical analysis tools
  • Use of international sources – BRIFIC
  • Tools for international coordination

Date: 25 May 2017
Time: 10am BST
Venue: Online webinar
Attendance: Spectrum managers, spectrum planners and more…

Space is limited. Register today

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