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Webinar: Managing Databases

Webinar: Managing Databases

Webinar: Managing Databases

Calling all spectrum engineers!

Register today for our next webinar on managing databases. Targetted at ATDI software users, this event will cover both internal and external databases associated with ATDI’s flagship radio planning tool, ICS telecom. The webinar will provide an overview of all available databases and their associated use. The presenter will provide ‘live’  demo showing how to fill-in databases and retrieve associated data.

So whether you’re an existing customer,  or simply interested in our planning tool, this event is not to be missed.

Date: 23 March 2017
Time: 10am GMT
Venue: Online

The outline programme includes:

Types of databases available in ICST:

  • Internal proprietary format;
  • External databases.
  • Internal databases:
    • DB station;
    • DB MW link;
    • DB subscriber;
    • DB satellites;
    • Other internal databases:
  • Library:
    • Tx/Rx parameter;
    • Equipment;
    • Antenna;
    • Frequency plan;
    • Frequency band;
    • Frequency group;
    • User;
  • F. bearing;
  • Localisation;
  • Media
  • External databases:
    • Access MDB;
    • SQL
  • Data exchange with different databases.
Contact us for any last minute cancellation spaces.
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