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Webinar: map manipulation

Webinar: map manipulation

Webinar: map manipulation

From October through to December we’re trialling a new webinar format, which looks at specific functions in the software rather than their technology application. The aim of this change is to make our events more relevant to different market sectors.

This first event is targeted end users who wants to use custom maps, modify online maps or create their own maps.

Date: Thursday 19 October 2017
Time: 10 am GMT
Venue: Online

The webinar will cover:

ICS Mapserver 

  • Developing mapping from Lidar ASCII grid data to DSM for ICS telecom / HTZ Warfare
  • Geocoding aerial photographs to map
  • Producing mapping data using Map Builder

ICS telecom EV

  • How to generate climatic zone for ITU-R P452-16 and ITU-R P.1812-4 radio propagation models
  • How to Update Clutter / Clutter Modifications
  • Downloadable free map data for ICS Telecom / HTZ Warfare

To register for this event please contact us at sales@atdi.co.uk

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