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Webinar: Modelling Antennas

Webinar: Modelling Antennas

Webinar: Modelling Antennas

Date: Thursday 24 March 2016
Time: 10am GMT
Venue: Online
Audience: By invitation only

This webinar will demonstrate how to import, configure and use antennas with ICS telecom, ICS designer & HTZ warfare.

The content for this event will include:

Importing antennas:

  • How to import standard formats e.g. MSI, PLT, ADF
  • Importing based on a csv/text file
  • Using the antenna editor to create antenna patterns
  • Building an antenna database
  • Accessing the built-in antenna library

Configuring antennas:

  • Patterns
  • Gain
  • Antenna reference
  • Tilt

Using antennas:

  • How to make batch changes to station antenna data
  • Batch imports via generic ASCII import
  • Displaying bearings and HRP
  • Predicting coverage

To register for event updates email sales@atdi.co.uk

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