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Webinar: Propagation models

Webinar: Propagation models

Webinar: Propagation models

Date: 21 April 2016
Time: 10am GMT
Venue: Online
Audience: Invitation only

Running in conjunction with the forthcoming release of the latest versions of ICS suite of software, ATDI is holding a webinar on propagation models. The aim of this masterclass is to introduce to users some of the modifications and changes made to models. This event is ‘MUST’ for all ICS telecom/ ICS designer/HTZ warfare users.

The subjects to be covered will include:

  • Changes from Deygout to Bullington diffraction;
  • ITU-R 525 / 526 Propagation models;
  • ITU-R 1546 Propagation model;
  • New ITU-R 1812-4 Propagation model;
  • ITU-R 452-14 Propagation model;
  • New ITU-R 452-16 Propagation model;
  • ITU-R 528 aeronautical propagation model;
  • Comparison of predictions using above models with some measurements.

To register for this event and future notifications email: sales@atdi.co.uk

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