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Back to basics for a better future

Back to basics for a better future

Back to basics for a better future

ATDI keeps its customers standing on solid ground.

The latest in the company’s monthly webinars went back to the basics of microwave interference. “It’s easy to get too complex and esoteric with some issues,” says ATDI Associate Peter Paul, who ran the session. “I wanted to go back to the fundamentals and deal with some of the basics. Happily, it seems it was pretty well received.”

Nearly 50 radiocommunications professionals joined the webinar, including executives from the spectrum regulators in Lithuania, UK, Norway and Iceland – all users of ATDI software tools and consultancy services.

“We talked about how ATDI software, ICS telecom in particular, can be used for network planning as well as interference analysis, protection margins and modelling dissimilar equipment. The regulators had some very interesting questions about ICS telecom’s facilities and it was pleasing to be able to show them its capabilities,” Peter comments.

The next event will be the the monthly FAQ Friday user group due to be held on 6 February. For more information or to register visit: www.atdi.co.uk/events

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