Three ATDI webinars have been scheduled for the autumn. The events will cover the use of vector layers and filters to analyse coverage, modelling antennas using ICS Telecom, and co-existence in the spectrum.

The first of the events in September will deal with vector layers and filters. It will identify how to produce general coverage statistics and the generation of polygons as well as offering tips on getting the best out of ICS Telecom and HTZ Warfare in this context. The webinar will also cover specific area statistics including vectors and polygons, their manipulation and providing statistics along and under vectors.

October’s webinar will demonstrate various methods of antenna modelling available within ICS Telecom and HTZ Warfare. It will illustrate both 2D and 3D methods along with the functionality and use of the various standards within the software tools. Antenna types analysed will range from simple MF/LF and HF dipoles to VHF and UHF antennas and microwave and radar antennas. The webinar will identify possible solutions for dealing with active antennas such as phased arrays and multi-antenna systems.

In November, a co-existence webinar will look at how to model dissimilar systems such as WiMAX and GSM/UMTS. It will examine the geometry of the interference between the systems and propose modelling solutions. Functionality such as identifying settings and parameters will be included in a live demonstration.
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