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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

It’s a new year (yes, we spotted that). Is this your first year of working mainly from home?
ATDI has long since embraced this wonderful liberation; when people are freed from daily travel to an office, their energy and time goes into doing useful things instead of just sitting in a non-moving car really hoping the lights will change or on a non-moving train wondering why a dead stoat on the line near Arbroath can delay the 7.50 from Clapham Junction to Victoria.


ATDI is very proud that its engineers spend their time actually doing stuff – whether that’s with a computer at home or in a customer’s premises or out in the field. It’s a lot better than going to an office purely from the inertia of that’s the way we’ve always done it.

So, to those of you who, like me, now work from places other than a formal environment (actually, with a laptop and dongle, every venue from your garden to the beach is now a viable workplace), welcome to a nicer, better, more efficient lifestyle. And for those who are going to do business purely in the privacy of their own home, let me explain a few things that happen:

1) Just as you’re sitting down to start on a big project, you’ll notice that plant that urgently needs re-potting. Never mind that there was no urgency about it yesterday, now it absolutely has to be done straight away.

2) You’ll do a conference call wearing just your dressing gown and will envisage all the other participants wearing suits. They, all sitting at home in dressing gowns, will have exactly the same perception of you.

3) You’ll wonder why there is so much money in your account and realise just how much you were spending on petrol/train tickets/meals bought while on the move.

4) Your dog/spouse/children will love you more.

5) You will go from working at a desk to working in the comfy chair to working lying down on the sofa.

6) You’ll drink more tea but it will taste oh-so-much better than the stuff you used to buy.

On behalf of all of ATDI, whatever your working circumstances, let me wish you a real plum of a year.

Jeff Clark-Meads
PR guru and Author

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