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Welcome to the ATDI blog

Welcome to the ATDI blog

Welcome to ATDI’s slightly sleeker website, including a revamped members’ section and this exciting new blog.

One definition of blogging I saw was: inconsequential, unspellchecked drivel. This one is nothing like that; this one’s been spellchecked. Over the ages between now and doomsday, we’ll cover some technical stuff, present incisive theories about the state of the industry and the politics that shapes it and get involved with the chitchat – the topics that the business is actually talking about. And, in this communications industry, there is no shortage of chitchat…

For now, let me tell you a story about a mate of mine who used to be a senior executive with MTV. Over a pint, we were reminiscing about the days when you had to get out of your armchair to go across the room to change the channel on the telly. He trumped my youthful recollection of being sent across the lounge to switch to BBC2 by telling me that, as a young man, not only did he have to get up and traverse the room but the knob had come off the telly and he used to have to change the channel using pliers. Interesting introduction to television for a man who became a senior broadcasting figure.

It makes me think about webinars. Gone are the days when accessing ATDI’s expertise meant actually standing up and going somewhere. For some folks, it used to mean getting the train to London, a taxi across town and most of the day out of the office. Now, Europe’s leading consultancy know-how is delivered to a computer screen near you. Not just is that hugely more convenient but look at how it has reduced everybody’s carbon footprint and, yes, costs. (In the history of London, nobody has ever got out of a black cab and thought: “Wow. That was a real bargain.”)

We’re gratified by how people have responded to the webinar programme, both in terms of participation and the very nice things they say to us about it. That means that there will be plenty more to come, starting with one to introduce GE06 for regulators and spectrum managers.

See you there…actually, we won’t – but you can see us; and we can hear every question you want to put to our experts.

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